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Using Favorites Manager to Build Trees

  • Use the graphical user interface to create the tree.
  • When you are happy with the tree, click the Export button and select Generate JavaScript.
  • Open the appropriate demo*Nodes.js file paste the contents of the pop-up window.

Our Favorites Manager is a server-side application for managing your favorites, bookmarks, or links. You can use the FREE demo version of Favorites Manager to build the code for your tree. That is, you can build the tree using the Favorite Manager visual controls and then have that application generate the code for TreeView. This can save you a lot of time when generating code for large static trees.

Caution: Before you use the FREE demo version of the Favorites Manager to build the code for your tree, please be aware that the data for the FREE demo version of the Favorites Manager is periodically cleared to prevent the database from getting too large. This means that you should not rely on your tree being available the next time you enter the FREE demo. Therefore, you should export the links before leaving the Favorites Manager and make sure to choose the Get Bookmarks File button, as this is the only format that you can then import the next time you want to update the tree.

When in the FREE demo version of the Favorites Manager, you can use the buttons at the top of the Favorites Manager to quickly add folders and links, or to move those folders and links. When you have created the tree, click the export button and select Generate JavaScript. This will open a window with the what will become the contents of your configuration file. Assuming you are building your tree starting from one of the demos, open the configuration file of the demo you picked (demo*Nodes.js) in a text editor, remove the whole block with statements such as insFld, insLnk, and so on. Then copy and paste the contents of the window into the editor, and you are done. our latest project: bedava online porno videolar.

The Favorites Manager will generate only the statements that build folders and links. It will not generate the initial statements that control the layout options (USETEXTLINKS, STARTALLOPEN, and so on). If the look-and-feel of your tree is not exactly like the one in the demo you picked, you can change those variables. For more information on layout options see the Advanced Configuration section of the TreeView Documentation.

Server-side TreeView

Users contributed the following code for implementing TreeView in different server-side languages. It is unlikely that you will use these "as is". However, they can act as a starting point.

Cold Fusion Version (Tori Dewhirst)
ASP.NET Version
JSP Version

Also see the professional server-side applications that we have built around TreeView: our directory and file browser for your Web site and our online link manager.

Other Resources

The standard TreeView icons are difficult to see if you have a dark background. For such situations, you can instead use the following images:

Images for Dark Backgrounds