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Here is a small selection of praise we received. These quotes were unsolicited and taken directly from the emails we received:

"Thanks a lot! You're a king. It is the first time I have seen real support after buying software. You really do make a difference"
     -- Florian de Joannes

"This product beats all expectations. It is simple to integrate into our Web page, loads very fast, and not a single compatibility issue! Kudos to Treeview for enhancing our Web page. Outstanding!"
     -- Marc Alexander

"I admire your software skill. Your TreeView software is usable under difficult circumstances, where transfer speed is only 72k Baud."
     -- Helmut Ruberg

"I wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with your product. I purchased it about a year ago and have been developing with this strong utility..."
     -- Joe Ridley

"...let me say thanks for this wonderful program..."
     -- James Allen

"Awesome support Conor!"
     -- Mark Wold

"This resource was a great help with development and your help was invaluable"
     -- Andrew McMurtie

"I have been looking for a program like yours for many many years!"
     -- Paul Rumbles

"Thank you for the great TreeView you offer!"
     -- Mourad Mezianet

"Thank you for creating such a great utility. It's clean, fast, and efficient."
     -- Mike Miller

"With persons like you, IT technologies will change in better. Thanks for your exhaustive and prompt reply."
     -- Giacomo Bonanno

"Great product, Great support, if only they all could be that good!"
     -- Craig Summitt

"Fantastic! It works beautifully! Thank you VERY much!"
     -- Brad Porter

"Thanks for making such a nice product."
     -- Alice Erickson

"Web File Browser will ease our job in creating the navigation for a ton of reports we put out every month. With this, I can have the report put in the proper folder of the server and I don't have to manually create a folder for it. Nice job."
     -- Mike Hampton

"Very impressive product!"
     -- Jim Gunzelman

"I tested a number of TreeView components and yours was the only one with acceptable performance. You have a section on "Fast Performance" and my experience supports your claims."
     -- Jim Wilson

"THANK YOU SO MUCH. My angel. I really appreciate your help as I am under a crunch to get this page developed."
     -- Liz Counts

"I love your product."
     -- Marilyn Loser

"I've been working on launching a new part of our site using other tree code from Zapatec. Their tree is based on formatting a list. The problem is, when the tree reaches a certain level of nodes, their code takes forever to initialize the tree. And they don't have the functionality to expand a dynamically loaded tree the way your code does."
     -- Christian Anthony

"Great product, and good support."
     -- Richard Hather

"You know Conor that I am greatful for your help. I've been a SysAdmin for a long time and when GNU or OpenSource software rolled around I didn't like it very much. I had to install a lot of GNU OpenSource stuff on my Solaris machines by request from the Scientist I support. I didn't like to do that, although I did it well, because OpenSouce and GNU software was not supported by anyone you got the stuff from, or it took day upon days to hear back from anyone. I like it now because you have responed to my support request within a reasonable time frame. Thanks a big bunch Conor, Thank You!"
     -- Luis Murdock

"Thank you for outstanding customer service! I could not have put together this application without your help."
     -- Amit Shah

"Treeview is truly amazing and I really like the things I can do with it. Though I don't believe my uses require a paid version, I decided in order to support the product."
     -- Rick Evans

"I must tell you that TreeView is an excellent product. I tried many DHTML treeviews before finding yours. I find it extremely friendly, powerful and simple to use."
     -- Jorge Perez

"Your products are great. We are using TreeView, Favorites Manager and possibly Web File Browser for our new Web site that will be ready in a few months."
     -- Ronan Darcy

"Finally I found a cross-browser product to share my files via the Web that works as advertised. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"
     -- Jane Golden

"This is a truly outstanding product. I thought long and hard about creating a tree control of my own, but nothing I could ever do would come close to yours. I have learnt a great deal from your code. Thank you."
     -- Greg Jones