ATTENTION HACKER: What you are doing is illegal. If you include these hidden links again, I will file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( about these activities. They are an international partnership of the FBI and NW3C. I have copied the URLs that you are linking to, and will include the list of URLs in my complaint. If these are links toyour sites, then the authorities will easily find you. If people have paid you for these links, then the authorities will track the payments. This happened to me in the past, and the people who had paid for the links were very happy to cooperate with the authorities. Web File Browser - ASP and PHP Source

Web File Browser - PHP & ASP

A must-have tool for any ASP or PHP server. Give web-access to files and directories, show folders
and files in a tree applet that is collapsible, dynamic, configurable, fast, and 100% client-side.
Access your files from anywhere on the web. The server script automatically detects changes in the files or directories,
with no intervention from the site administrator. Thus, the next time the tree is loaded by a new user,
or reloaded by the same user, it will automatically show the new structure.
You can filter files by type and use a different icon in the browser for each file type. Works with local drives, mounted drives, or network shares. The code is compact, with comments, and nothing is encrypted.
Available in ASP and PHP versions to install the code in your server or in your web-hosting account.

Web File Browser - PHP Edition

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Web File Browser - ASP Edition
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Requirements (see also the main Documentation link for requirements on file-access permissions)

PHP Edition:
The PHP code of Web File Browser will run on any up-to-date PHP-capable server. Apache is the most notably example, but no Apache-specific functions are required. The Web File Browser is known to work with both Apache 1.3.x and 2.x. The script is written in version 4 of the PHP language (available since 2001.) Naturally, the script will work regardless of the operating system: Linux, Windows, etc.
ASP Edition:
The ASP code of the Web File Browser will work with pretty much any ASP server: Windows IIS, Chili!Soft, SUN One, etc. The code is written in ASP 3.0 and the only scripting object it requires is the standard Scripting.FileSystemObject. The Web File Browser is composed entirely of source; therefore, there are not limitations in terms of using it with web-hosting accounts.


Your copy of the Web File Browser can be used by you on an unlimited number of server cpu's, and internet domains. You may make changes to the source. You cannot re-sell or re-distribute this code as a stand-alone application. If you intend to make this code part of a bigger application that you will distribute, please contact us for a specific authorization.

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